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See San Sebastian

A seaside town that is full of shops, tourists, and beautiful sights.

Located east of Bilbao, San Sebastian is a rather touristy seaside town. Famous for their beaches, this area has been built up to keep the tourists occupied with great restaurants and shopping. Less of a pintxos culture than Bilbao (although still in bars, they are much more expensive), San Sebastian features the same types of cuisine with their seafood and jamon dishes. Through walking around aimlessly we discovered beautiful churches and stunning sights.



In order to get here from Bilbao we took a bus (that left hourly) through the mountains. The views during ride were amazing, and we were suprised at the vast differences between San Sebastian and Bilbao for such a short distance apart.



Although we only ventured out to San Sebastian for a day trip, the day was packed with exploration. My highlights included seeing the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus (while a choir and orchestra performed, gave us chills it was so beautiful), walking down Playa La Concha, and enjoying the walk through the streets.


While you are there grab a map, walk along the water and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and details that make up San Sebastian! With each turn, you will find yourself down a charming street lined with shops and restaurants featuring wonderful Basque food.



OVERALL, San Sebastian is an idyllic, touristic seaside town. Beautiful to behold, the views of the architecture, churches, and natural landscape are worth the trip out. If given the opportunity I would go back and further investigate muesuems, the aquarium, climb up the hills surrounding the area, and of course spend a day tanning on La Concha and swimming in the bay.

San Sebastian,


1-3 days

Sights: Basilica, Old Town


Beaches: La Concha



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