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Become the Beatles

A former shipping city that pays homage to their famous sons

Formerly a powerhouse shipping city, Liverpool is located on the west coast of England. Home to many musical acts, Liverpool's most famous sons, the Beatles, dominate the city with their memories. In addition to their Beatles memorabelia, Liverpool's waterside renovations has made their waterfront, especially Albert Dock, a great place to enjoy a stroll or lunch overlooking the water.



Being based in Birmingham I took the train to Liverpool. If you are leaving from London, the train is also a great way to get there. Just make sure you purchase the tickets in advance, this way you will manage to save yourself some money. Without a discount card, train tickets can be notoriously expensive. You can also take a bus there, it can be much cheaper than the train, however it takes much longer to get there.


Liverpool's most famous residents are most arguably the Beatles. They pay tribute to them through a great museum, tours and dozens of memorabilia stores.In the two times I have been there I had the opportunity to check out the Beatles Story museum in addition to the fab four taxi tour. For those of us who aren't diehard Beatles fans the Museum sufficies. The tour gives you a better look at the area they grew up in, the pubs they played in, their schools, etc. Although it is a very insightful tour, and it gives you a great look at Liverpool, I would just recommend the museum you can control the pace of the tour, it's by the docks and you can grab lunch right after while strolling around enjoying the view.


Beatles Story Museum- Located on the Albert Docks, this great museum really gives a great overview of the Beatles and their journey to superstardom.


Fab Four Taxi Tour- This fun tour is great to do with the diehard Beatles fans. You get to visit the hospital that Lenon was born in, the childhood homes of the boys, Strawberry field, Penny Lane and more depending on which option you decide to pursue. Our tourguide was incredibly informative, funny and sweet, he always was offering to take pictures of us at the different stops. However it is a tinge pricy, it can take a while, and people are living at some of the homes so it can get a bit uncomfortable. But overall it was a nice experience so if you have the time and you're a fan its a nice thing to do.


The Cavern Club- Definitely a stop to make, try and stop when they have live bands playing, it gets lively but it really comes to life when music is playing and the crowd is swaying. Look around the walls for memorabilia from all the famous bands and singers who played at this neat bar.

**Note if you go earlier in the day, entrance is free, and if its really packed go across the street to the cavern pub, its just as fun.



Walking around the renovated Albert Docks is a lovely way to end your day in Liverpool, the views are great and it houses great restaurants and museums including the Tate (for those who are a fan of modern art).



Smugglers Cove- Located in Albert Docks adjacent to the Beatles Story, Smugglers cove is my favorite place to grab a bite in Liverpool. This is a part of a restaurant group but the pirate theme is great with swords and helmets all over the walls and the fun cozy interior. Their rum selection and whimsical hanging kebabs are AMAZING and delicious. I recommend it to anyone going to Liverpool.



Walking around Liverpool was my chosen method of transportation (with the exception of the taxi tour). The city has definitely been revitalized in the central area with great shopping, pubs, and museums. However, remember that in the outer areas it's a little depressed so just be aware of your surroundings.  


OVERALL, I enjoyed sightseeing and walking around in this city and immersing myself in the Beatles theme and maritime history. It's a great day trip and a must see for Beatles fans.



Liverpool, UK

1-2 days

Culture: Live Music, Albert Docks


Museums: Beatles Story



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